Listen to them, the children of the night… What music they make >:[


RCC loves halloween and all things horror, so here’s a shit load of spooky stuff to celebrate!

Β  Rest of the film is up there, watch it, it’s a British horror classic and perfect for Halloween!

Here’s another great classic Horror film, well put together ghost stories are always so creepy, this is one of my all time favourites πŸ˜€

Some Halloween musics too!

Don’t forget the next Random Camel Collective night is November 11th at The Beer House in Ipswich with the bands featured (scumbag philosopher and JM Bowers) as well as TOE and NUNHEAD, who don’t have videos!


It’s FREE ENTRY! So if you’re in the area, come down. Get startled, yeah? πŸ˜›

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Sister Mantos/Trevy Trevwa 9/9/10 & 10/9/10

Our 4th night at The Beer House saw the return of one of our favourite bands, Sister Mantos. Last years gig at Mcginty’s was one of our best ever so we were really excited when another tour came around this year. With Trevwa coming along as well this time we knew we’d be in for a memorable night!

Dybbuk kicked things off with a heavy, atmospheric doom set which showed definite improvement from their first gig, with greater emphasis on the ethereal effects driven side giving way to bowel shuddering heaviness with the tortured drones of TOE vocalist James Rowe adding to the despair laden sounds. A great way to start the night, immediately followed by TOE themselves, performing this time with two guest bassists and delivering a chaotic droning set with brittle, disjointed percussion filtering in and out of the thick, lumbering atmosphere which rose and fell before fading into the air.

Dybbuk bring the doom

Things get a bit weird with TOE

The Beerhouse had filled up nicely and a great time was being had by all when members of Lamina and Schadenfreude took the stage in their Doomsday Apocalypse Special guise to deliver one of the most terrifying noise sets I think I’ve ever witnessed, with evil witch-demons, grating guitar and feedback loops combining with thundering bass offering up a kind of white mice-esque noise rock feel which I will be in a hurry to see again, truly horrifying stuff!

Witch-demon terrifies the beer house

With all the horrifying noise making out of the way it was time for L.A based psychedelic electro group Sister Mantos to get into costume and adminster some healing transcendental house to the now battered crowd and within moments of their set beginning there wasn’t a glum face to be seen. It’s impossible not to move to the music these guys make, their energy is so infectious and their tunes so insistently danceable. Highlights included AUG08, shpeshftr and new tune ladyboy. Performances like this are rare in Ipswich, we’d like to thank them for coming around and brightening the place up a bit!

Oscar puts a smile on Ipswichs massive collective face


Trevwa was next to perform, impressing all with his awesome mix of performance art and IDM influenced electronica. A modified wii remote combines trevy’s movements with the music, making for a tangible connection with the two aspects of the show. The lush ambient textures and galang-like rhythms create a hypnotically beautiful and joyful set which is quite unlike anything else. Definitely check this guy out!

The tours next stop was in Colchester hosted by our good friend Mother Popcorn so we headed down by train to molly malones where sister mantos and trevwa were joined by the awesome london based performer Penelope Edmund, and local DJ’s cattlehammer and vibrasprout.Β  Trevy opened the show with another truly impressive set which kicked things off nicely, followed by an awesome performance from Penelope Edmund, featuring blazing renditions of bass driven electro-punk tracks like ‘Hey!’ and ‘This is Romance’. Her performance went down really well with the crowd, which had grown considerably by the end of the set. After Cattlehammer had amused everyone with a blasting set of comedy hardcore mash-ups, the atmosphere was now perfect for Mantos to work their magic and down in Colchester, EVERYBODY danced – even the bar staff – to a slightly different set to the night before, including favourites like ‘disaster beat (we are one)’ and a cover version of penelope edmunds’ ‘Hey! The atmosphere couldn’t have been better, everyone getting infected, good times…

Dj VibrasproutΒ  picked up the pieces with a set made up of all genres…most notably some good ol’ jazz.

Huge thanks to sister mantos and trevy trevwa for coming back to Ipswich and much love and respect to mother popcorn – hope it’s not too long till their next night!!

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New Buttercup Insurgent release!

Our new DIY label amnion records has its first release with ‘Bandung Birthday’ by Buttercup Insurgent. You can download this for free by searching ‘Buttercup Insurgent’ on last fm and following the links, or alternatively there are limited edition of 20 hand decorated birthday card cd-r’s available by contacting random camel collective via myspace http://www.myspace.com/randomcamelcollective, 17 copies left, Β£3 inperson at gigs or Β£4 postage paid. Get in touch for payment details if you’re interested!

This is what it looks like

Bandung Birthday cd-r

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When songs are a bit like your actual life…

Last post for today. This is a song by Pat The Bunny (aka johnny hobo) that pretty much sums up in a general way my experience of life and relationships.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

here’s some other good songs by the same chap, great lyrics again:

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Neutral Milk Hotel

I first heard neutral milk hotel around 2001/2002 on the previously amazing Audio Galaxy website and fell in love with them straight away. The song was ‘Communist Daughter’ from their at times massively under rated ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ album. I loved the lyrics, sweet and dirty at the same time, the dishevelled grandeur of the arrangements – so much going on. I had to hear everything I could by them from that point on and have since found several albums of increasingly strange music by the band, some worth checking out are ‘Invent Yourself A Shortcake’ and ‘Beauty’ – both of which contain some of the weirdest efforts by the band. Anyway, it turns out that some people still dont know this amazing band, though I dont think they are anywhere near as unheard of as they used to be due to the sheer power of word of mouth and the recent success of NMH spin off band, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, so I’m gonna post a few video’s of my favourite NMH songs and hopefully turn a couple of people onto a totally under rated band.

I say under rated not because people dont think of them as an amazing band, but because I honestly believe they should be regarded as among the key bands of their era. Their influence is by now immeasurable, as everyone who comes to love the band will find something from them in their own music from then on. Blah. Check out the vids πŸ˜€

Communist Daughter:

Two Headed Boy (great live version):

Holland, 1945 (complete with shitty fan video):

Ghost (live):

Saved the best one till the end, fookin amazing! So if you were one of those people who didn’t know NMH, hopefully now you have filled a gaping void in your life and will enjoy

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Upcoming Random Camel Stuff

It’s been all change with the collective recently, mainly in that we’ve cancelled the planned all-dayer (offering replacement gigs to all the bands) and moved venues to the newly refurbished Beerhouse on woodbridge road. We’ll be running a kind of leftfield rock/experimental night there on the first thursday of every month with sets from the best experimental artists we can find. Its ALWAYS going to be free entry so anyone interested should definitely make their way down there πŸ˜‰

Some of the artists we know will be playing include Dybbuk, the new doom/drone project by Ryan Harding, previously of the excellent but short lived stoner rock duo Asteroid, innovative electronic noise artist Ryan Jordan, local psychedelic/noise band TOE, Scumbag Philospher (formerly fuck dress) and tons more later on.

Here’s a few videos of what to expect πŸ˜€

It would be great if people can support what would be a unique night in Ipswich, hopefully we’ll be able to get some great acts in over time πŸ˜€

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film download

its more a short horror film than a music video, too long for youtube, download here:


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Buttercup Insurgent and other noisy bastards.

Buttercup Insurgent is my solo noise project, mainly for me to keep musically active in between band time and to try out other idea’s. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I just fucking love noise as a genre, its total accessibility and the force for expression it gives.

Today I made a shitty video for my most recent track, “the billy witch.” The track was made over a couple of long nights and mornings using fl studio 9, audacity and an acoustic guitar. I made a long improvised soundscape which i cut up and fucked with and then fed it into audacity and did a frankenstein mangling job and eventually had my beat. Then i put the guitar and vocals on. It’s a bit weird and it could have been better but the main idea came out in it ok so fuck it. Here’s the video:

wacky techy guys:


More buttercup insurgent and fucked up noise soon!!

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Scum Fest part III

The end looms...The End Draws near…

Having again failed to even attempt to find a proper place to sleep (we probably could have walked round all night trying), what was by now quite a ragged crew dossed down in another park. The weather was walmer than some days though; Bruno, a French guy we met even had a place to stay but decided it’d be more fun to come and sleep outside with us, so no complaints from me this night. We hung around in a park in Peckham, getting sun burnt in unusual ways (just my knee’s… :s) and sleeping on and off until we decided to make our way to The Grosvenor in

they do good pizza’s in there.

Brixton. I felt nothing but sympathy for the Londoners that were forced to share the bus with us that day. I know that Ed and myself hadn’t taken our shoes off for at least 3 days by this point, and Doom alone had generated enough rancid cider sweat to eat through flesh, so we were all hummin pretty bad. When I say bad, I mean I got sprayed with perfume while I sat. Just some indication there.

SCUM fest.

When we got to the Grosvenor we were still a couple of hours early so we trekked off up the road a bit and found, gasp, a park. Except this time the park didn’t appear to have an entrance. I mean there were people in there, people who were laughing at us no less. Laughing as we walked all the way around the damn thing finding only one locked gate. What was this? Some kind of private residents only park? Very odd. Alas, defeated, we parked ourselves on the pavement and drank and smoked. What else you gonna do right?

James turned up, wankered, having woke up in a strangers garden with no clue how he got there before pretending to be a Norwegian called Janik to avoid getting fined for public drinking, falling alseep on a bus in westminster and waking up again back at westminster, and finally arriving in brixton, gurning like lon chaney on anti-freeze and passing round the cans. He’s a funny lad that one πŸ˜€


At length we ventured into the pub and started on the 2 quid a pint scrumpy. This stuff proved to be a bit on the raw side for many so-called cider drinkers, though to be fair a lot of it was definitely approaching the end of its life, a fact possibly connected with its price. After just a couple of these I was already gettin a bit fucked but carried on regardless. My pint seemed to be never ending as people abandoned theirs one after the other. After a bit i caved and had one of the pubs pizza’s, which are pretty fuckin good so if youre ever at the grosvenor with time before a gig, you should have one! One of our number refused to eat theirs on the grounds that the spinach was wet though…so…if you have a problem with wet spinach (:S) maybe avoid the vegan one! Perhaps they were a bit confused.

It was a bit like this but with like...bits in. Brutal haha!

Meinhoff couldn’t play in the end and I wasn’t too interested in the other bands (apart from The Fight) so drinking continued, hanging around on the street with all the people we’d met, people from all over, all in one place. Good times.Tequila became inevitable, but I dont drink such things normally so after having the procedure explained to me I managed to send Ed’s shot to the floor in a moment of intense drunken awkwardness. Shot replaced and drunk, it was off to see The Fight from Poland.

I didn’t really know what to expect from these guys, but they had come highly recommended so I was keen to check them out. They didn’t disappoint at all, delivering a blistering set of fast melodic hardcore with intense screamed female vocals. Totally different to everything else at the festival and definitely in my top 3 bands of the weekend. There was such genuine passion in this music and it was refreshing to see a band who didn’t go in for the whole crust look just up there doiing their own thing with heart. Fucking brilliant end to festival. http://www.myspace.com/thafight

More stuff happened the next day as we hobbled on our rotting meat slabs through central london, amusing pensioners at buckingham palace, watching a weird street performer toss around a a life size rag doll for change, getting stared at in an unnerving manner by a michael jackson lookalike, and more besides…but that is really all I can be fucked to write about scumfest now. So bollocks.

To finish, here’s some video’s of performances from the weekend. Instinct of survival, war collapse…

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10 Bands I’m Listening To a lot right now.

In no particular order (no order of preference anyway), here are 10 bands to sort out that plague of absurdity and ill-advised impulse buys you tragically refer to as a record collection. Only joking, I know opinions are like arseholes and everyones got one but some people pay more attention to their arses than others…if you see what I mean…? Moving swiftly on.

1) Sister Mantos – Tough Love or The Fands of Hate (sweetheart society records) – It’s beuatifully psychedelic, androgynous performance art house techno and it is so much better than your shit band it actuallly pains me to think of it. Here’s two tracks to check out:

If all music was this liberating I would sleep a lot better at nights.

2) Cold Body Radiation – The Great White Emptiness. Phenomenally good ambient/shoegaze/black metal band. It’s a bit like Jesu only colder and less repetitive, and at times far more extreme. the blast beat parts on this are not what you’d expect. Awesome stuff. The band describe it as “a depressive study on the nature of light” and that would sound about right if saying that didn’t make you sound like a wanker.


3) Gonjasufi – A Sufi and A Killer (warp records).
Head and shoulders above 90% of songwriters out there at the minute, this is one part hip-hop to one part folk, with indian, garage punk and general weirdness thrown in for good measure. One of the best voices around, full of soul and grit, no two songs the same.

4) Zola Jesus – all 3 releases.
Mesmerising is a word all too often used to describe utter shite like coldplay or some other such arena rock nonsense by lazy journalists in the mail on sunday, but in the case of Zola Jesus you realise why the word can have special meaning when applied to music. A classically trained opera singer, Nika Rosa Danilova is making music of an otherwordly quality that hasn’t been seen on earth for far too long. This music works in exactly the same way great albums like Disintegration or Loveless do, by grabbing you by the heart strings and wrapping you in wave after wave of lush dense sound. Once it’s got you, its not likely letting go.

5) Health – all 3 releases.
So many people seem to have skipped this band, so I’m putting them on the list. Certainly among the cream of the crop of the LA based new psychedelic sect, this is truly future pop and needs attention from fucking everyone.

6) White Mice – Blasstphlegmice (Load)
Any of the White Mice albums will do really. Now, you’ve heard noise. You’ve heard grind. You’ve seen mice. But if you havn’t heard noise-grind played by giant mice in laboratory coats, you’ve heard FUCK ALL. πŸ˜‰

7) Abortion – Murdered Culture.
This lot are grindcore but done with a ton of ’77 and pop influences. It’s FUN. so fucking listen to it.

8) WarCollapse – Defy!
When you take crust punk and mix it with proper rock n roll grooves and add in lyrics about smoking weed, you make me your fan for life.

9) Pens – Hey friend What you doing?
All girl lo-fi garage pop-punk with shitty keyboards from London. You know what this is all about, but they do it so well and with so little you’ll fall in love with it and wonder why you don’t have a band of your own.

10) The Cure – everything robert smith ever shat out, even the times he didnt mean to press record.
They’re my favourite band, I’m ALWAYS listening to them a lot πŸ˜‰

Right, nice one! I’ll probably do another one of these at some point, not soon though. Till then, I present you, the shocking and appalling truth.

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