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Why not have a blog eh? It’s not as if I wont have the time this summer, so it seems like the perfect time to start one. The question is what to put in it. It’ll mostly just be thoughts and stories about what I’ve been getting up to, any funny shit that I see around and about and reviews of gigs I go to. So expect festival reports, album reviews and just general rants really.


First thing I want to talk about is a gig that had to quite possibly be the biggest local coup in recent memory, which saw New York Anti-Folk legends Jeff and Jack lewis play a free last minute stop off at The Swan, supported by local newcomers Life and Times of… Other dates on this UK tour were costing 14 quid a ticket, so to get them for free in such a small venue was frankly amazing. All credit to the Uprock boys for that one!

L.A.T.O notably have singer songwriter James Severy upfront on vocals and keyboards, which makes it all the more understandable for them taking the support slot on the night. I have to say I prefer that solo stuff to this bad effort, as although much of the original charm remains, this set all to often drifts into dodgy muse-esque theatrics which ultimately leads us into irritatingly familiar territory. Guitarist Sam’s slightly experimental approach to his sound was at least one saving grace however, with his frequent use of grating metallic screeches adding a touch of something a bit more viscious into the mix.

The pub was of course uncomfortably busy, everyone jostling for positions right up to the finish to get even anywhere near the stage for Jeff. His solo set largely stayed away from early classics but hit the mark (could he have missed on a night like this?) regardless, a personal highlight coming from his reworking of Crass classic “End Result.”

The nights main highlight was The Bundles set though, with every song striking a chord with the audience, even ending up getting the punks in attendance moshing towards the end, to hilarious dismay of one po-faced hipster and his girlfriend, who extended the potentially ill-advised invitation to get “outside now” with him. I really cannot imagine how a skinny jeaned trillby wanker like that could have hoped to have followed that one through considering he’s upset by a brief encounter with a pit! All in all though, this was without doubt the best free gig I’ve ever been to in Ipswich, and one of the best gigs i’ve been to here full stop. I would happily have paid to travel and see him elsewhere, so the luck of having this night for free will not soon leave my memory.


When I heard that Crust legends DOOM were reforming and playing this years SCUM FEST, I knew I would have to be making my way down to rennovated cinema The Bussy Building in Peckham to take part in 3 days of crust, hardcore and metal chaos. Scum Fest is pretty much the best DIY festival on the extreme end of the punk scene in the UK, drawing punks from all over Europe. I had literally met people from Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and Germany before I’d even managed to get inside the venue, so I knew I was in for a good’un! I was also down an entire 20 pack of marlboro before making it inside as well, Crusties scam fags like their tumours cant grow fast enough and I’m too nice to turn them down!

This kind of festival, arguably like any, needs a lot of drinking involved so of course we’d started on the train on thew way down, so the first band I remember seeing is Sweden’s War Collapse,  who were the main highlight of the first night, gettin the pit going with classics like ‘crust as fuck existence.’

We didn’t have much luck finding a place to stay for the night, and after leaving a crowded squat where I offended an eastern european man with ‘your mother’ jokes, we ended up in the first park we found and dossed down in our sleeping bags for a couple of hours (its already past dawn by this point..).

I awoke to the sound of a cockney excitedly chirping about gary colemans brain hemmorage and the joys of red button interactivity during the eurovision song contest, which I was told with delight, we came last in. Go team! I also awoke the the sight of an old manky needle nearby, and promptly fucked off with Ed to the nearest Wetherspoons for breakfast.

Thats all I can be fucked to write for now, tomoorw I’ll post the rest of the Scum Fest report, whcih will feature DOOM, THE OPPRESSED, MASAKARI, WRATH COBRA and THE FIGHT, as well as fundamentalist christians, delboy like aftershave salesmen, and the daily telegraphs lies about the nags head in peckham, till then wrap yer eyes and lugs around this fucker:


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