Sister Mantos/Trevy Trevwa 9/9/10 & 10/9/10

Our 4th night at The Beer House saw the return of one of our favourite bands, Sister Mantos. Last years gig at Mcginty’s was one of our best ever so we were really excited when another tour came around this year. With Trevwa coming along as well this time we knew we’d be in for a memorable night!

Dybbuk kicked things off with a heavy, atmospheric doom set which showed definite improvement from their first gig, with greater emphasis on the ethereal effects driven side giving way to bowel shuddering heaviness with the tortured drones of TOE vocalist James Rowe adding to the despair laden sounds. A great way to start the night, immediately followed by TOE themselves, performing this time with two guest bassists and delivering a chaotic droning set with brittle, disjointed percussion filtering in and out of the thick, lumbering atmosphere which rose and fell before fading into the air.

Dybbuk bring the doom

Things get a bit weird with TOE

The Beerhouse had filled up nicely and a great time was being had by all when members of Lamina and Schadenfreude took the stage in their Doomsday Apocalypse Special guise to deliver one of the most terrifying noise sets I think I’ve ever witnessed, with evil witch-demons, grating guitar and feedback loops combining with thundering bass offering up a kind of white mice-esque noise rock feel which I will be in a hurry to see again, truly horrifying stuff!

Witch-demon terrifies the beer house

With all the horrifying noise making out of the way it was time for L.A based psychedelic electro group Sister Mantos to get into costume and adminster some healing transcendental house to the now battered crowd and within moments of their set beginning there wasn’t a glum face to be seen. It’s impossible not to move to the music these guys make, their energy is so infectious and their tunes so insistently danceable. Highlights included AUG08, shpeshftr and new tune ladyboy. Performances like this are rare in Ipswich, we’d like to thank them for coming around and brightening the place up a bit!

Oscar puts a smile on Ipswichs massive collective face


Trevwa was next to perform, impressing all with his awesome mix of performance art and IDM influenced electronica. A modified wii remote combines trevy’s movements with the music, making for a tangible connection with the two aspects of the show. The lush ambient textures and galang-like rhythms create a hypnotically beautiful and joyful set which is quite unlike anything else. Definitely check this guy out!

The tours next stop was in Colchester hosted by our good friend Mother Popcorn so we headed down by train to molly malones where sister mantos and trevwa were joined by the awesome london based performer Penelope Edmund, and local DJ’s cattlehammer and vibrasprout.  Trevy opened the show with another truly impressive set which kicked things off nicely, followed by an awesome performance from Penelope Edmund, featuring blazing renditions of bass driven electro-punk tracks like ‘Hey!’ and ‘This is Romance’. Her performance went down really well with the crowd, which had grown considerably by the end of the set. After Cattlehammer had amused everyone with a blasting set of comedy hardcore mash-ups, the atmosphere was now perfect for Mantos to work their magic and down in Colchester, EVERYBODY danced – even the bar staff – to a slightly different set to the night before, including favourites like ‘disaster beat (we are one)’ and a cover version of penelope edmunds’ ‘Hey! The atmosphere couldn’t have been better, everyone getting infected, good times…

Dj Vibrasprout  picked up the pieces with a set made up of all genres…most notably some good ol’ jazz.

Huge thanks to sister mantos and trevy trevwa for coming back to Ipswich and much love and respect to mother popcorn – hope it’s not too long till their next night!!

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