Buttercup Insurgent and other noisy bastards.

Buttercup Insurgent is my solo noise project, mainly for me to keep musically active in between band time and to try out other idea’s. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I just fucking love noise as a genre, its total accessibility and the force for expression it gives.

Today I made a shitty video for my most recent track, “the billy witch.” The track was made over a couple of long nights and mornings using fl studio 9, audacity and an acoustic guitar. I made a long improvised soundscape which i cut up and fucked with and then fed it into audacity and did a frankenstein mangling job and eventually had my beat. Then i put the guitar and vocals on. It’s a bit weird and it could have been better but the main idea came out in it ok so fuck it. Here’s the video:

wacky techy guys:


More buttercup insurgent and fucked up noise soon!!

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Scum Fest part III

The end looms...The End Draws near…

Having again failed to even attempt to find a proper place to sleep (we probably could have walked round all night trying), what was by now quite a ragged crew dossed down in another park. The weather was walmer than some days though; Bruno, a French guy we met even had a place to stay but decided it’d be more fun to come and sleep outside with us, so no complaints from me this night. We hung around in a park in Peckham, getting sun burnt in unusual ways (just my knee’s… :s) and sleeping on and off until we decided to make our way to The Grosvenor in

they do good pizza’s in there.

Brixton. I felt nothing but sympathy for the Londoners that were forced to share the bus with us that day. I know that Ed and myself hadn’t taken our shoes off for at least 3 days by this point, and Doom alone had generated enough rancid cider sweat to eat through flesh, so we were all hummin pretty bad. When I say bad, I mean I got sprayed with perfume while I sat. Just some indication there.

SCUM fest.

When we got to the Grosvenor we were still a couple of hours early so we trekked off up the road a bit and found, gasp, a park. Except this time the park didn’t appear to have an entrance. I mean there were people in there, people who were laughing at us no less. Laughing as we walked all the way around the damn thing finding only one locked gate. What was this? Some kind of private residents only park? Very odd. Alas, defeated, we parked ourselves on the pavement and drank and smoked. What else you gonna do right?

James turned up, wankered, having woke up in a strangers garden with no clue how he got there before pretending to be a Norwegian called Janik to avoid getting fined for public drinking, falling alseep on a bus in westminster and waking up again back at westminster, and finally arriving in brixton, gurning like lon chaney on anti-freeze and passing round the cans. He’s a funny lad that one 😀


At length we ventured into the pub and started on the 2 quid a pint scrumpy. This stuff proved to be a bit on the raw side for many so-called cider drinkers, though to be fair a lot of it was definitely approaching the end of its life, a fact possibly connected with its price. After just a couple of these I was already gettin a bit fucked but carried on regardless. My pint seemed to be never ending as people abandoned theirs one after the other. After a bit i caved and had one of the pubs pizza’s, which are pretty fuckin good so if youre ever at the grosvenor with time before a gig, you should have one! One of our number refused to eat theirs on the grounds that the spinach was wet though…so…if you have a problem with wet spinach (:S) maybe avoid the vegan one! Perhaps they were a bit confused.

It was a bit like this but with like...bits in. Brutal haha!

Meinhoff couldn’t play in the end and I wasn’t too interested in the other bands (apart from The Fight) so drinking continued, hanging around on the street with all the people we’d met, people from all over, all in one place. Good times.Tequila became inevitable, but I dont drink such things normally so after having the procedure explained to me I managed to send Ed’s shot to the floor in a moment of intense drunken awkwardness. Shot replaced and drunk, it was off to see The Fight from Poland.

I didn’t really know what to expect from these guys, but they had come highly recommended so I was keen to check them out. They didn’t disappoint at all, delivering a blistering set of fast melodic hardcore with intense screamed female vocals. Totally different to everything else at the festival and definitely in my top 3 bands of the weekend. There was such genuine passion in this music and it was refreshing to see a band who didn’t go in for the whole crust look just up there doiing their own thing with heart. Fucking brilliant end to festival. http://www.myspace.com/thafight

More stuff happened the next day as we hobbled on our rotting meat slabs through central london, amusing pensioners at buckingham palace, watching a weird street performer toss around a a life size rag doll for change, getting stared at in an unnerving manner by a michael jackson lookalike, and more besides…but that is really all I can be fucked to write about scumfest now. So bollocks.

To finish, here’s some video’s of performances from the weekend. Instinct of survival, war collapse…

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10 Bands I’m Listening To a lot right now.

In no particular order (no order of preference anyway), here are 10 bands to sort out that plague of absurdity and ill-advised impulse buys you tragically refer to as a record collection. Only joking, I know opinions are like arseholes and everyones got one but some people pay more attention to their arses than others…if you see what I mean…? Moving swiftly on.

1) Sister Mantos – Tough Love or The Fands of Hate (sweetheart society records) – It’s beuatifully psychedelic, androgynous performance art house techno and it is so much better than your shit band it actuallly pains me to think of it. Here’s two tracks to check out:

If all music was this liberating I would sleep a lot better at nights.

2) Cold Body Radiation – The Great White Emptiness. Phenomenally good ambient/shoegaze/black metal band. It’s a bit like Jesu only colder and less repetitive, and at times far more extreme. the blast beat parts on this are not what you’d expect. Awesome stuff. The band describe it as “a depressive study on the nature of light” and that would sound about right if saying that didn’t make you sound like a wanker.


3) Gonjasufi – A Sufi and A Killer (warp records).
Head and shoulders above 90% of songwriters out there at the minute, this is one part hip-hop to one part folk, with indian, garage punk and general weirdness thrown in for good measure. One of the best voices around, full of soul and grit, no two songs the same.

4) Zola Jesus – all 3 releases.
Mesmerising is a word all too often used to describe utter shite like coldplay or some other such arena rock nonsense by lazy journalists in the mail on sunday, but in the case of Zola Jesus you realise why the word can have special meaning when applied to music. A classically trained opera singer, Nika Rosa Danilova is making music of an otherwordly quality that hasn’t been seen on earth for far too long. This music works in exactly the same way great albums like Disintegration or Loveless do, by grabbing you by the heart strings and wrapping you in wave after wave of lush dense sound. Once it’s got you, its not likely letting go.

5) Health – all 3 releases.
So many people seem to have skipped this band, so I’m putting them on the list. Certainly among the cream of the crop of the LA based new psychedelic sect, this is truly future pop and needs attention from fucking everyone.

6) White Mice – Blasstphlegmice (Load)
Any of the White Mice albums will do really. Now, you’ve heard noise. You’ve heard grind. You’ve seen mice. But if you havn’t heard noise-grind played by giant mice in laboratory coats, you’ve heard FUCK ALL. 😉

7) Abortion – Murdered Culture.
This lot are grindcore but done with a ton of ’77 and pop influences. It’s FUN. so fucking listen to it.

8) WarCollapse – Defy!
When you take crust punk and mix it with proper rock n roll grooves and add in lyrics about smoking weed, you make me your fan for life.

9) Pens – Hey friend What you doing?
All girl lo-fi garage pop-punk with shitty keyboards from London. You know what this is all about, but they do it so well and with so little you’ll fall in love with it and wonder why you don’t have a band of your own.

10) The Cure – everything robert smith ever shat out, even the times he didnt mean to press record.
They’re my favourite band, I’m ALWAYS listening to them a lot 😉

Right, nice one! I’ll probably do another one of these at some point, not soon though. Till then, I present you, the shocking and appalling truth.

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Scum Fest 2010 part II


SO, I left my Scum Fest report part 1 with me and Ed (this ed – www.myspace.com/stateofurgency) eating breakfast in a wetherspoons. We had already sat and made a disappointing google search of “tourist attractions in Peckham” and been informed that there aren’t any, though according to the telegraphs website many people come to the area to see the fictional “nag’s head” pub from only fools and shite-hawks. It struck me as odd that according to this article there isn’t such a place, despite the fact that we live in a capitalist society and people are coming to see the thing regardless of whether or not its actually there. You’d think someone would just open one up quick sharp and make a killing. Just hire a couple of south london wheeler dealers to hang about inside and occaisionally fall through the open bar etc. and you’re fackin larfin my son.

While cogitating this most serious of issues over my morning roll (complete with Ed’s egg – vegans can be useful ;P) Ed pointed out to me that a man had walked into the pub and proceeded to offer the sale of dodgy aftershave to just about everyone in it, “IT’S ALL TRUE!!” we declared, our faith in Peckhams mythology restored. Notably, del boy did not offer us any aftershave.

After meeting up with our now mate James we ended up in another Peckham pub, this time a Millwall fans stronghold called ‘The Hope’ “what a dump…3 out of 10” – beerintheevening.com

The service in the Hope is beyond slow, the bar maid will actually forget she’s puring your strongbow half way through and proceed to have lengthy charts with regulars before asking again “have you been served” but nevermind, the place had that kind of filthy cramped cheap family pub feel about it so I took a liking to it. A couple of games of pool later, we get handed a leaflet and are damned to hell from this point on. Literally, apparently.

“Jeebus heled my broken bones in ten minutes” screamed a hysterical lobotomy victim from this gaudy leaflet. At first I thought the source of this pap was going to quickly leave when I told her my spirituality lies with “other” but she was pretty determined this one. AWESOME! I FUCKING LOVE EVANGELICALS! We got all the usual shit, Jesus loves me, I dont have to spend my saturdays in the pub, don’t i find being a sinner boring (are you fuckin kiddin me love?) etc. etc., I informed the poor woman that wee Jesu had unfortunately passed on some time ago and could no more love me than he could hit himself in the face with his own cock (I wasn’t actually this rude in person, I wasn’t polite, just not this rude!) and she assured me he was in fact alive, IN THE CLOUDS. At this point I literally told her that she was the one away in the fucking clouds and that the fact she could believe Jesus lived on water particles in the sky despite people having actually been up there and finding nothing of the sort. She wouldn’t talk to me after that. She wouldn’t talk to Ed ffrom the start due to his conveniantly chosen ‘PISSCHRIST’ tshirt, opting instead to label him hell-bound without trial. James on the other hand seemed to be her favourite. She told james thar abortion was always wrong, even in the case of rape – at which point we were all basically offended by this scum bag and proceeded to rip the piss out of her till she left. She ignored my suggestion of the existence of dinosaurs, and went on her way.

God loves all his children.

We bummed around and drank some more and then went off to meet a couple of friends that were coming down that day, we met them and went inside – where the, you know, BANDS were 😉

Pittsburgh, USA’s MASAKARI.

I’d never heard of Masakari before, but I was quickly taken in by their mix of the more doom-laden, epic-tinged crust and what to my mind sounded like early 00’s Belgian metalcore (though surprisingly no one at the entire festival had any idea what i meant by Belgian metalcore!) their lyrics tend to focus on the more metal anti-christian/religion theme’s as well, which after being informed of my one way ticket to hell was all good with me! A part of me strained against the slightly more unoriginal aspects of their music, but what was done was done very well and with enough conviction to over ride any ill-advised snobbish snubs I might have given. Instead their mix of the brutal, the depressing and the brutally depressing made them one of my favourite bands of the weekend and definitely one of my favourite bands in crust at the minute. Well worth checking out.

I’m not sure if I’m reviewing the bands in the order they played in or not, just the order they come into my head, so pressing on with the DOOM review! There was obviously a lot of excitement in the air as these crust legends were about to go on, people had travelled across continents to see them in fact, so ‘excitement’ might be a bit of an understatment. The atmosphere was compounded by the sounds of ‘reality asylum’ blasting out through the PA, building the tension to a point where the possibility of the gig not going off became slim to none. Sure enough as soon as the opening screams of ‘fear of the future’ (IDONTWANNADIEINANUCLEARWAAAR!!) the whole place went berzerk, bodies flying everywhere, sweat dripping from the ceiling, fucking beautiful. You could make out other classics like the obligatory ‘police bastard’ and ‘relief’ in amongst the full on assault. Overall, doom ruled. Course they fuckin did.


Another legendary band to play this year were ant-fascist skinhead’s The Oppressed, perhaps a bit of an odd one out band but if you ask me, punk should be all about variety. I’m not the biggest fan of oi, it pretty much starts and ends with The Oppressed and 4-skins for me, but having a band like this, especially one of such mythological proportions was a great way to break up the doom laden thrash fest that was coming from all other fronts. Classics like ‘skin head girl,’ and ‘joe hawkins’ went down a treat. Definitely a welcome lightening of atmosphere here.


Another Pittsburgh band to play on the Saturday were metal/crust punks Wrath Cobra, similar in a lot of ways to Masakari, but a bit more on the metal side. No bad thing. My main concern with wrath cobra was that they proved to be better than their t-shirts – which were amazing – all in all they really were one of the more impressive bands on the line-up, but…the t-shirt…I didn’t buy it. I couldn’t justify buying merchandise of a band when that merchandise appeals to me more than the actual music!

Tomorrow will be part 3 of me scum fest report, featuring sun burn, brutal scrumpy, parks with no entrances, tequila and poland’s THE FIGHT. Till then, enjoy yourself:

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Napalm Death on 80’s kids TV show!


Cheers to James for finding this beauty, just proving that kids tv really was 100% better when we were little!! I think they go surprisingly in depth considering the target audience is like, 6 haha. 


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//Jeffrey Lewis//Scum Fest//


Why not have a blog eh? It’s not as if I wont have the time this summer, so it seems like the perfect time to start one. The question is what to put in it. It’ll mostly just be thoughts and stories about what I’ve been getting up to, any funny shit that I see around and about and reviews of gigs I go to. So expect festival reports, album reviews and just general rants really.


First thing I want to talk about is a gig that had to quite possibly be the biggest local coup in recent memory, which saw New York Anti-Folk legends Jeff and Jack lewis play a free last minute stop off at The Swan, supported by local newcomers Life and Times of… Other dates on this UK tour were costing 14 quid a ticket, so to get them for free in such a small venue was frankly amazing. All credit to the Uprock boys for that one!

L.A.T.O notably have singer songwriter James Severy upfront on vocals and keyboards, which makes it all the more understandable for them taking the support slot on the night. I have to say I prefer that solo stuff to this bad effort, as although much of the original charm remains, this set all to often drifts into dodgy muse-esque theatrics which ultimately leads us into irritatingly familiar territory. Guitarist Sam’s slightly experimental approach to his sound was at least one saving grace however, with his frequent use of grating metallic screeches adding a touch of something a bit more viscious into the mix.

The pub was of course uncomfortably busy, everyone jostling for positions right up to the finish to get even anywhere near the stage for Jeff. His solo set largely stayed away from early classics but hit the mark (could he have missed on a night like this?) regardless, a personal highlight coming from his reworking of Crass classic “End Result.”

The nights main highlight was The Bundles set though, with every song striking a chord with the audience, even ending up getting the punks in attendance moshing towards the end, to hilarious dismay of one po-faced hipster and his girlfriend, who extended the potentially ill-advised invitation to get “outside now” with him. I really cannot imagine how a skinny jeaned trillby wanker like that could have hoped to have followed that one through considering he’s upset by a brief encounter with a pit! All in all though, this was without doubt the best free gig I’ve ever been to in Ipswich, and one of the best gigs i’ve been to here full stop. I would happily have paid to travel and see him elsewhere, so the luck of having this night for free will not soon leave my memory.


When I heard that Crust legends DOOM were reforming and playing this years SCUM FEST, I knew I would have to be making my way down to rennovated cinema The Bussy Building in Peckham to take part in 3 days of crust, hardcore and metal chaos. Scum Fest is pretty much the best DIY festival on the extreme end of the punk scene in the UK, drawing punks from all over Europe. I had literally met people from Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and Germany before I’d even managed to get inside the venue, so I knew I was in for a good’un! I was also down an entire 20 pack of marlboro before making it inside as well, Crusties scam fags like their tumours cant grow fast enough and I’m too nice to turn them down!

This kind of festival, arguably like any, needs a lot of drinking involved so of course we’d started on the train on thew way down, so the first band I remember seeing is Sweden’s War Collapse,  who were the main highlight of the first night, gettin the pit going with classics like ‘crust as fuck existence.’

We didn’t have much luck finding a place to stay for the night, and after leaving a crowded squat where I offended an eastern european man with ‘your mother’ jokes, we ended up in the first park we found and dossed down in our sleeping bags for a couple of hours (its already past dawn by this point..).

I awoke to the sound of a cockney excitedly chirping about gary colemans brain hemmorage and the joys of red button interactivity during the eurovision song contest, which I was told with delight, we came last in. Go team! I also awoke the the sight of an old manky needle nearby, and promptly fucked off with Ed to the nearest Wetherspoons for breakfast.

Thats all I can be fucked to write for now, tomoorw I’ll post the rest of the Scum Fest report, whcih will feature DOOM, THE OPPRESSED, MASAKARI, WRATH COBRA and THE FIGHT, as well as fundamentalist christians, delboy like aftershave salesmen, and the daily telegraphs lies about the nags head in peckham, till then wrap yer eyes and lugs around this fucker:


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